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are shopping for their own mom and pop markets and restaurants. but a select few are on another mission. paul ryan works for the department of regulation, or bpr, his job? to work on inspections across the state. >> some of the things we look for are these numbers, it is a traceable number, the brand name. where it was produced. >> reporter: these then get checked. bagged, and loaded into the cooler. ultimately they end up here at a sacramento lab where they're tested for illegal levels of pesticides. >> we have a screen of over 300 compounds that we look for and report that back to dpr. >> reporter: these lab coats are here, as they work, pack and add chemicals to the oakland samples before putting them in new high tech machines. and in less than an hour, these machines determine whether there is too much pesticides. ultimately, the question is, is it safe for you to eat. today, that answer is yes, the 18 samples taken from the oakland produce market all passed, falling in line with recent data from the pesticide regulation. where the majority of them comply with the pesticide guidelines. in
name taken off the ballot. donald trump, jeb bush, mitt romney, paul ryan spoke at the conference but it was just as striking who was not there. new jersey governor chris christie, who applauded president obama for his response to hurricane sandy right before the election. and who did get 7% of the vote in this straw poll but was not invited. >>> president obama is planning to visit the bay area next month. the last time the president visited was in october. the white house says this time mr. obama will attend a fund-raiser in san francisco with house minority leader nancy pelosi on april 3rd. he's also scheduled to attend two democratic fund-raisers in atherton the following day, a lunch at the home of john goldman, part of the levi strauss family, and a brunch. >>> two employees at the popular music venue ash kens that have been upgraded to stable condition after being shot during a robbery. the music and dance center is near the corner of san pablo avenue and gillman street in berkeley. investigators say two men came in about midnight and demanded cash. two employees were shot.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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